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So, I have only one goal here:  To unleash your story.

I've been there. You get this fabulous idea for a story. Seriously, it's good, Gone Girl good. The next Something Borrowed, or Luckiest Girl Alive, or 50 Shades of Grey (naughty you:).

It lights you up, I mean you are on fire. You KNOW that this is just the story to tell and you are just the person to tell it!

As soon as you have the time, the energy, that perfect desk you've had your eye on... oh, and clean out your office... and figure out just where to start...

But you wait... and wait... and WAIT.

Before you know it a month passes, then a year, then another year. That idea is there begging to be let out, your characters like champagne bubbles dying to be uncorked and join the party. And you want them to party, you just need to know how to release them. You just need to...

It's okay, I stood in my own way for a long time.  But then I decided to get over myself already and WRITE!  I got to work.  I attended panels, took classes, read everything I could get my hands on and wrote my a$# off.  The Kryptonite to Fear is ACTION, and I took massive action. Massive action that led me to the Guy A Hanks Marvin Miller Screenwriting Fellowship, and a Masters in Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London.  Now I author the women's fiction series Sugar, the children's book series Big Hair, and I am a playwright and screenwriter.

Through that journey I started teaching what I had learned.   The main lesson I leaned:

Which leads me back to you.  Consider me your


because together we are going to birth your book.

I promise to educate and empower you to TELL YOUR STORY.  The plain truth is that your voice is worthy of being heard and your readers are dying to hear it!  All you need are the tools.  The fabulous part -

The purpose of my courses, coaching and content is to share the best of what I have learned.  So grab a coffee, tea, or if you are like me... a glass of Malbec... and DIG IN!  And if you are ready to go deeper CLICK HERE for a free 30 MIN SKYPE Consultation.  Until next time, BE BRILLIANT DARLING.