...you won’t be able to put your pencil down. I cannot stress how impressive this master class was. If you identify as a writer, there is no other class that I can recommend more for you. These women are a godsend!
— Vanessa Benton, Showrunner's Assistant at How to Get Away with Murder
I took the free webinar on a whim and did not expect to get as much from it as I did. This webinar was amazing and I cannot believe it was free. I got enough information to start writing my book right now and enough inspiration to get it done. I have paid for info rich webinars through Writers Digest that had less information than this one did. This webinar was positive, information rich, and makes me want to take their class though I don’t know how much more they can teach that they didn’t already tell me. I’m intrigued to find out!
— Avione Lee, Ph.D

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